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Aesthetic Foot Care

Given your foot is the foundation for the entire skeletal system of the body, why wouldn’t you want your feet to be healthy and look beautiful.

Foot & Ankle Care

Complete wellness begins from the ground up, with healthy feet, that’s why we are dedicated to using the latest research and most advanced technology to deliver exceptional podiatric care to our patients.

Sports Medicine

Your feet provides all the important mobility for sporting activities and are highly overworked. Whatever athletic activity you may do your feet will undergo considerable stress during those activities

Why Fox Podiatry

Fox Podiatry is dedicated to providing the finest comprehensive Aesthetic Foot and Ankle care to you and your entire family.

We provide quality individualized care to our patients using modern, proven technologies in our podiatric facilities. Our bilingual staff is dedicated to providing you with comfort and satisfaction.

  • Conveniently Located

    Fox Podiatry is conveniently located in Downtown Silver Spring, MD. Our staff is dedicated to providing the finest comprehensive foot and ankle care to you and your entire family.

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What others say about us

I can stop hiding my toenails, Dr. Fox Thank You. You were correct about, the Laser was much better than taking those pills to clear up my toenail fungus. Thank You and Your Excellent staff

I only wish that my other doctors could bring me the same results & relief as Dr. Fox, first with an immediate cure for dry winter foot soles that bled, and then with custom Orthotics that brought instantaneous relief for my arthritic right foot with bone spurs. I’m very glad that my wife recommended Dr. Fox.

Dr. Fox, is one of the best foot doctors I have had, he knows his stuff,for some years I thought I had a heel spur,with one look at my heel,he told me it was another problem that could be treated with a boot for 4 wks, he took the time to explain how it happen and how he was going to treat it. thank you Dr. Fox.